Welcome to Adopt Mom!

This is a blog for moms (and dads) who have adopted or plan to adopt. My name is Dena. My partner in mayhem is Kelly. We are both adoptive moms. Me from the US foster care system. Kelly from Ethiopia. To learn more about us, check out the about section at the top!

You may or may not agree with all that is said on this blog and that's okay. Keep in mind that not everyone's experience, personality, or family is the same. Adoption transitions are works in progress for months and years (many times), so please remember that as you read from us and our contributors. We hope for this to be an honest, encouraging place for adoptive families to find resources and community.

Neither one of us have any sort of formal training in counseling or therapy of any kind, so we'll just point you to the professionals instead of acting like them. :) We do have on site training on helping our adoptive kids and families through the transition. In those times we've both had our fair share of mistakes and successes, and although we strive to be great parents to our kids, we are faaaaarrrrr from perfect.

Welcome to this together journey!